General Purpose Furnaces

Oxy-Gon’s FC Series General Purpose Ceramic Furnaces are designed to provide years of continuous service while requiring a low investment cost.

Designed and manufactured to deliver effective, efficient, and homogenous heating throughout, our general purpose ceramic furnaces are used in numerous industrial applications with outstanding results. In fact, to ensure each furnace has the best possible vacuum quality, every component is electropolished for better vacuum pressures, outgassing rates, and pumping speeds.

A Ceramic Furnace Designed for Versatility

Our general purpose ceramic furnaces were also designed for durability and versatility. They can operate to a maximum temperature of 2500°C (4532°F). The heating elements in our general purpose ceramic furnaces are located on all sides of the heat zone for exceptional temperature uniformity. Plus, depending on your application and the operating temperature of the unit, the element and shield packages can be supplied in Graphite, Molybdenum, Tantalum, or Tungsten.

Moreover, they will operate in a vacuum, inert atmosphere, nitrogen, and wet or dry hydrogen. Programmable temperature controls and a fully automatic pumping system saves time and improves efficiency. And it’s available with various power supplies. There are also a wide variety of add-ons and value-added features.

Applications for our General Purpose Ceramic Furnaces include:



Diffusion Bonding


Ceramic Firing


Heat Treating


Why Choose Oxy-Gon as Your High-Temperature Partner?

"Oxy-Gon has been an indispensable partner in our business. They worked very closely with us to provide an equipment solution that met our process needs, as well as our budget. Also, their response to questions regarding their equipment has been very accommodating. We’ve always been able to speak with a knowledgeable person right out of the gate, who has been able to quickly answer our questions. I would happily recommend this company to any customer in search of a high-quality, well supported piece of equipment."

G.D. , Chief Operating Officer

"From full-functioning systems to small replacement parts, working with Oxy-Gon has been a pleasant experience. They understand what my end goal is and offered practical and useful suggestions that have helped move our projects forward. Their experience has been key in keeping our furnace functioning at peak performance."

J.L. , PhD & Chief Technology Officer

"Quick replies to questions and great customer service is what first attracted us to Oxy-Gon, but their deep understanding of high-temp processing is what helped us pull the trigger on a furnace.  Our relationship with Oxy-Gon has been and continues to be instrumental in moving our business forward."

H.S. , PhD, President & CEO

“Oxy-Gon did an outstanding job with the installation of our high temperature furnace. Their professionalism and thoroughness are greatly appreciated. We will be able to generate some exciting research results from our Oxy-Gon furnace.”

K.L., Ph.D. & Professor