Inert-Atmosphere & Vacuum
Furnaces Photo Gallery

F00013 Temp: 2000°C
End Load

F00014 Temp: 1000°C
Bottom Load

F00017 Temp: 1650°C
End Load (Custom)

F00051 Temp: 1500°C
End Load

F00062 Temp: 1550°C
End Load

F00064 Temp: 2540°C
Fiber Draw

F00069 Temp: 2540°C
Fiber Draw

F00075 Temp: 2200°C
Hot Press 25 Ton

F00094 Temp: 2500°C
Top Load

F00094 TEMP: 2500̊C TOP LOAD

F00094 Temp: 1700°C
Conveyor Load (custom)

F00098 Temp: 2000°C
Top Load

F00099 Temp: 2800°C
End Load

F00101 Temp: 1200°C
Hot Press 15 Ton

F000103 Temp: 2450°C
Fiber Draw

F00108 Temp: 1700°C
Hot Press 600 Ton (Custom)

F00115 Temp: 2000°C
Hot Press 15 Ton

F000118 Temp: 1800°C
Tensile Test

F00118 TEMP: 1800C Tensile Test

F00122 Temp: 1000°C
Crystal Growth

F00124 Temp: 2000°C
Hot Press 15 Ton

F000125 Temp: 2100°C Bottom
Load (Glovebox Integration)

F00136 Temp: 2000° C
Hot Press 15 Ton

F00137 Temp: 2700°F
Bell Jar

F00137 TEMP: 2700̊F BELL JAR

F000145 Temp: 1600°C
End Load

F00147 Temp: 2000°C
Bench Top 25 Ton

F00149 Temp: 2000°C
Hot Press 100 Ton

F000153 Temp: 1600°C
Bell Jar

F00166 Temp: 2500°C
Bench Top 25 Ton

F00166 TEMP: 2500C Bench Top 25 Ton

F00172 Temp: 2500°C
Hot Press 200 Ton

Oxy-Gon can accommodate multiple furnaces per order

F00185 Temp: 2000°C
Bench Top 10 Ton

Custom Furnaces range from those you can fit insdie to those that fit inside your hand

Crystal Growth Furnaces that employ the Bridgman-Stockbarger method.

Crystal Growth Furnaces

Our OG120 gas purification system show installed directly into a bench top furnace’s stand

OG120 may be vertially mounted depending on your space restraints

Metal heating elements
(we design & build different styles)

Graphite heating elements for a variety of needs

Coil heating

come find us at major industry conventions

Retract device for thermocouples. Pnumatic version shown

heat shields

Whole hot zone

Glovebox furnaces
(in a variety of styles)

Glove box furnace,
end load

Custom punch & die sets for your Hot Press needs.

Custom punch and die sets from Oxy-Gon

Glove box furnace,
end load

Full graphite zone,
100 ton hot press

Inside view of benchtop hot press, full metal zone

fully integrated furnace for medical sector

F00157 Temp: 1200°C
Tensile test – “Instron” frame

F00161 Temp: 1200°C
Bell Jar (Fully integrated)

Bench top hot press with full graphite zone

Installed fiber
draw furnace

F00183 Temp: 2800°C
Top Load

F00188 Temp: 2800̊C
Tensile Test-“MTS” frame